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Combat harassment and violence against against LGBT people

Last updated 5 months ago

We will vigorously combat harassment and violence [...] against LGBT people.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.20

Our verdict

  • This is a promise to reduce or prevent violence and harassment against groups or individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, often referred to as “hate crime”, or more recently as “identity-based violence”.
  • The UK hate crime action plan extended only up to 2020 and has not been replaced, but recommendations are pending from the Law Commission for reforms to hate crime legislation. There has been no progress update under this government on the 2018 LGBT Action Plan, although the Domestic Abuse Bill which is progressing through Parliament contains provisions which might be said to go some way towards meeting this policy objective.
  • Until we see the government’s response to the pending recommendations from the Law Commission, the absence of a new or updated strategy focused specifically on this pledge means this policy is ‘not started’.

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