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Continue to lead the world in tackling plastics pollution

Last updated 3 years ago

We will continue to lead the world in tackling plastics pollution, both in the UK and internationally...

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.43

Our verdict

  • This promise presumes that the UK has been leading the world in tackling plastics pollution, and commits to continuing to do so.
  • The UK actually trails many countries in plastic recycling rates and does not even have reliable data on plastic packaging and recycling.  However, there is movement towards improving the situation, most notably clauses in the Environment Bill currently progressing through Parliament.
  • The UK does not “lead the world in tackling plastics pollution”; the November 2020 Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution made no mention of plastics; and early in 2021 a row erupted over the UK’s plans for exporting plastic waste. Elements of the Environment Bill do represent advances, but at least until that becomes law and implementation begins, this policy is ‘not started’. We’ll keep tracking developments.

There's always room for debate

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