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Deliver two million new high quality jobs in clean growth

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In the next decade, we will work with the market to deliver two million new high quality jobs in clean growth.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.55

Our verdict

  • This is a promise to collaborate with private companies to deliver two million new jobs in “clean growth”, which the government defines as growth which increases “our national income while cutting greenhouse gas emissions”.
  • In November 2020, the government announced the creation of a new Green Jobs Taskforce to deliver “skilled workers for the UK’s transition to net zero” – the taskforce’s terms of reference specifically mention working towards this policy pledge as one of its key objectives.
  • This promise spans a decade, and counting the number of “high quality jobs in clean growth” resulting from this specific policy is impossible, but the launch of the Green Jobs Taskforce shows that efforts to increase the number of new jobs in clean growth can be said to be ‘in progress’.

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