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Invest £500 million in youth services

Last updated 4 weeks ago

We are investing £500 million in youth services for young people

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.18

Our verdict

  • The £500 million Youth Investment Fund was announced, under the previous administration, in September 2019 to fund youth centres and clubs, life skills activities, and youth profession work, so this is a promise to distribute funds which had already been allocated for those purposes (the policy is additionally restated on page 26 of the manifesto with slightly different wording – “…we will invest £500 million in new youth clubs and services”).
  • In January 2020 the government announced £7 million for a Youth Accelerator Fund to expand existing projects and address urgent needs in the youth sector, and a further £5 million for the #iwill Fund which helps young people take part in social action.
  • Spending on youth services so far appears scant considering the scale of this promise (the coronavirus crisis is likely to have impacted on spending plans), but the £12 million investment announced in January demonstrates that this policy is ‘in progress’.

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