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Publish an English Devolution White Paper

Last updated 3 years ago

We will publish an English Devolution White Paper setting out our plans next year.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.29

Our verdict

  • This a pledge to publish an English Devolution white paper before 2021 setting out plans to give local government more extensive powers.
  • A report in the Financial Times in September 2020 said this plan had been shelved until 2021, “according to people with knowledge of the situation.” In response to a question in the House of Commons in October 2020, the government said it would bring forward the white paper “in due course”.
  • The English Devolution white paper did not appear in 2020 so this policy is ‘broken’.

There's always room for debate

We’re serious about providing clear, up-to-date, non-partisan information. We focus on being consistent and fair in how we reach our verdicts, and always explain our reasoning. But there is always room for debate. So if you see it differently, we’d love you to tell us why. Or even better, submit an edit.


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