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Remove all political alignment with the EU

Last updated 4 months ago

There will be no political alignment with the EU.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.5

Our verdict

  • This is a promise that following the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, the UK will have no special political bias in favour of the European Union (EU).
  • Political alignment is guaranteed within the EU because members are subject to the decisions of its regulatory and legal institutions, most notably the European Court of Justice (ECJ).  Under the trade and cooperation deal agreed in December 2020 between the EU and the UK government there is no role for the ECJ.
  • The UK has left the EU; it has negotiated the terms of its new relationship with the EU; and the jurisdiction of EU decision-making bodies, including its highest court, no longer extends to the UK.  This policy is ‘done’.

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