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We will continue to support innovation, like our successful maths schools, set up for the most gifted young physicists and mathematicians.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2019, p.13

Our verdict

  • This is a promise to support innovation in the schools system.
  • Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest need for innovation in schools has been the shift to online learning, either fully remote or ‘blended learning‘. The government’s EdTech strategy for driving improved educational outcomes was refocused in April 2020 “to help support remote teaching and working during the coronavirus outbreak”, so institutions which had successfully applied to become Demonstrator schools were tasked with sharing good practice in that area. A new contract was awarded (not without controversy) early in 2021 to run the scheme for a further year. In June 2021, the Financial Times reported that the government has drawn up plans for new science-focused schools, but there has been no official announcement as yet.
  • The repurposing of the EdTech programme to share innovative practice between schools during the coronavirus crisis is evidence of continued government support for innovation in schools, as is the publication of updated guidance on providing remote learning, so this policy is ‘done’.

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